Bridesmaid Dresses!

After finding my dress we browsed and I made Beth C. try on some bridesmaid dresses. We found two that we really like. One is short and one is long. The long is going to be the Best woman’s dress and the short will be the bridesmaids dresses. Our wedding colors are Malibu blue, Kelly green and Pewter which is gray. Look for more information on these dresses. We will be deciding soon!

I said yes to the dress!!

Went dress shopping today to see what was out there. Was not looking to buy today. Tried on the first dress and it was short with flowers on it. I rated it at a 7 on the awesomeness scale. Tried on the second dress and it had one strap on the shoulder with beading on the bodice and the train. I rated it at a 9 on the awesomeness scale. Tried on the third dress and it had… Not telling!!!! I walked out if the dressing room and my mom had tears in her eyes and said you look beautiful. Beth C.’s eyes got big and she said it looked very pretty and I looked slim. That is what every girl wants to hear!!! I turned around and looked in the mirror and got tears in my eyes and knew it was my dress 🙂 Needless to say I rated the dress at an 11 on the awesomeness scale! After that we played with the accessories and got them just right. Picked out a veil, necklace, earrings, and a bracelet to go with the dress. Found shoes that I love too!

DJ is booked!

We met with my friend Todd the other day. Todd owns Rock & Thunder DJs. We put down a deposit and have booked them, with a special request to have DJ Atom do our reception. I’ve never been to a wedding that Rock & Thunder DJs have done, but I’ve been to many of their karaoke shows, and I know they will do a great job for a great price!