How We Met

People who don’t know us ask how we met. Pay attention, some of the details become relevant later.

I actually first became aware of Bethany a few months before we actually ever talked. At the time she worked on a different floor within the same division at the hospital. I remember seeing her when I was on her unit or the cafeteria or wherever, and thinking she was really cute, but that was about it. However, fate, or coincidence, or whatever, intervened and brought Bethany up to my floor to work temporarily.

Again I noticed this gorgeous girl. However, instead of just seeing her in passing, I was seeing her nearly every day. I could never really muster up the courage to talk to her, so I didn’t, despite the fact that I wanted to so badly.

One day, I sat down at a computer near her, just to be close to her, and out of nowhere started telling me a story about watching actress Kristen Bell on the Ellen Degeneres show talking about her sloth story. The whole time I kept thinking ‘Why is she telling me this?’ but welcomed any reason to converse with her. Once we actually started talking I wasn’t quite so nervous anymore.

The next day I found her on Facebook through a mutual friend and friend requested her. I was glad to find her that way since at that time I was still really shy around her. She accepted and we started chatting and texting, all weekend long. During one late night texting session she mentioned that it was 12:34, which was her favorite time of day since the numbers are 1-2-3-4. Such a quirkly little detail, but I was excited because that is also my favorite time of day, for the same reason.

Things progressed from there. We talked and texted more frequently, and not too long after that, we became official. And now, here we are!

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