Reception hall booked!

Tonight Bethany and I checked out Turner Hall in Keystone with her parents and my kids. This is the first time I had ever been to Turner Hall. I had been quite uncomfortable with the idea of having the reception at Turner Hall, but I was willing to check it out because Bethany wanted me to, and I just love her that much.

We entered through the bar area, and I was impressed by how… clean it was. It really looked clean! We were taken back to the reception area and again I was impressed by the cleanliness. Also, it was huge. The lady told us it can hold 400+ guests! Its a nice open area with a hardwood dance floor. I’m really excited to see what we can do with the space.

On an interesting side note, apparently back in the day Turner Hall was a pretty happening place. They use to have dances with live bands playing nearly every Saturday. It was here that Bethany’s parents, Marv and Michelle, first met. If it wasn’t for Turner Hall they never would have made a Bethany for me to marry!

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